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Creating Personal Balance

We all yearn for a more balanced life, whether it’s a better work /life balance, between mind and body or a healthy balanced diet. What about personal balance ?

To help you gain perspective and a more balanced view on life, learn who you are. What I mean by that is figure out what you want in life. What things have you always wanted to do? Where are those places you have always wanted to visit? What hobbies or activities did you enjoy as your younger self and you no longer have time for?

Then set about creating a vision board and plan some short term as well as long term goals of those things that you really would like to do.

Foster friendships, go on dates such as the theatre or cinema. Simply grabbing a coffee with a friend is something to look forward to and enjoy.

If you can, get out of debt- consolidate those credit cards, reduce interest payments, live within your means. Create a budget and try to stick to it.

Sometimes you need to create time and space to simply relax, write a poem or maybe even a book, if that’s a dream you have.

Spend time with family, make memories and enjoy each other’s company.

Find time to cook, or if you can’t, then learn to cook.It's really therapeutic. 

If you are musical, lean to play an instrument and spend time with music.

The last in the series of self-care will cover psychical balance , that’s next week’s focus.

Take care

Carole x

Carole Haywood-Poole