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Self -Care for Physical Balance

This is the last blog on self -care and achieving balance in a forever busy and frantic world.

I am focusing this week's blog on phsyical balance. To achieve this area of our lives we must first have safe housing, somewhere we call home, somewhere we feel safe and secure.

 It’s important to get regular medical care, to eat as healthy as you can and to get enough sleep.

We all know we should exercise more, although this doesn’t have to mean jogging or running or spending hours at the gym. Mindful stretching, walking, a gentle exercise regime such as yoga , simply moving more can be so beneficial.

Get in touch with your sexual side, such as touch or a kiss. A hug, a cuddle from someone you love can bring instant joy.

Try to take a holiday, a break from work and everyday chores, even a night away or a long weekend can have great health benefits.

Simple things such as taking a bubble bath, booking a massages or trying acupuncture can be helpful in addressing any imbalance.

Try asking for nurture-such as a hug. Take a walk, either alone or with a friend. Turn off your mobile, simply get some “me “time. Even 5 mins sitting outside every day, can make a difference.

If you are out of balance, or just feeling out of kilter, then understanding which area is the most out of balance, taking steps to improve it, be it physical, emotional, spiritual  , personal, psychological or professional can mean you will feel more in control, more positive, less stressed and more able to manage the challenges of living in the 21st century.

take care

Carole x

Llife coach, self care and mindfulness practitioner

Carole Haywood-Poole