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Spiritual Balance

How do we know we are off balance ? Where do we feel it the most? Is it just a feeling of things not being quite right, or that life is passing you by?

We probably feel that we are not getting as much enjoyment out of life, or maybe we are simply on the hamster wheel of life and want it to stop, just for a while . It's different for everyone , however some of the simplest changes can make a huge difference in this area.

Do you get the chance to go out into nature? Just to take a walk , breath in the air, enjoy the smells and the sounds. Using all of our 5 senses to re connect with nature, is a great way just to take some time out and reflect on life.

Taking time deliberately just to sit and meditate, even for 5-10 mins is something you could try. There are lots of guided meditations, but sometimes I just sit and enjoy "being"  be still, in silence and “watch” my breathing.

Do you like singing? It’s a brilliant way to lift your spirit as is dance. Pop on your favourite tune and bop along. No one’s watching !

Watch how children play, how they laugh and be inspired by them . Children laugh over 400 times a day, on average, us humans around 5 -yes really!

So, if you can, get to play with children. Laughter increases the release of those feel good hormones.

One of my personal favourites is yoga. I make time every week for a yoga practise. It really does make me feel better, I sleep better and my posture has improved tremendously.

A few other ways to reconnect spiritually, especially if you like travelling , is to bathe in the ocean and watch sunsets, not as easy for some people, I know.

Volunteer for a cause, foster self -forgiveness and maybe find a spiritual mentor.

Try to regain that spiritual balance, it’s worth making a few changes, I certainly have addressed this area, as I was really out of balance.

More on how to get personal balance next week.

Carole xx

Life Coach and Mindfulness Master Practitioner

Carole Haywood-Poole