A unique coaching service in that the focus is on identifying the root cause of your issues and feelings, and dealing with those and not simply addressing the symptoms. 

Life coaching can be liberating and help you to realise those unfulfilled dreams and desires. 

Managing family and relationships can sometimes be difficult, learn tips and techniques to help you move forward.

You may be struggling with balancing work and home life, learn how to prioritise and maximise the time spent in each area.  



Health and Wellbeing

Wild Orange specialises in stress management and covers a huge range of topics including dealing with anxiety and panic attacks or depression. Offering an 8 week Mindfulness course on various dates in small group workshops or tailored one to one programmes. This covers looking at identifying  blocks such as how you relate to your past , automatic negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. This often leads to a lack of confidence and low self-esteem , which in turn is stopping you from being happier and more successful. 

We will also look at lifestyle, especially self care including emotional, psychological,spiritual, personal and physical needs including healthy eating, exercise and relaxation plans.




Business and Professional

Wild Orange can help in areas such as business plans for new start ups, marketing plans and social media as well as CV creation, interview skills and practise or conduct skills /gap analysis 

Basic IT skills-anything from setting up an email account to creating spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

An expert in project and programme management, stakeholder management, communication and engagement, Wild Orange can offer advice and share best practise tools for all areas of industry. 

There is often a cross over, things affecting your health will impact your work environment and vice versa. Seeking the help and support to identify what is causing the main issues, being able to discuss and agree actions is very empowering and puts you back in control.