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Self Care-for creating pyschological balance

This week, I want to share some ideas on creating and managing your psychological needs

Self -reflection is a great way to start, simply take a few minutes and check in with yourself, what is happening right now for you? How are you feeling? What is worrying you ? Why do you react the way you do to stuff?. Once you take the time to reflect, you may see a pattern emerging, you will become more self -aware and only then, can you make changes. With that awareness you might see things in a different way, realise that thoughts are just thoughts, that you have the same negative thoughts over again. Consider therapy, or write down your feelings and start a journal. If you can challenge those negative thoughts and look at facts and not opinions, you may find those negative thoughts appearing less frequently. Only when these negative thoughts are faced and challenged, will they lose their power.

Maybe going to watch a ballet, start to draw or paint, things that are different to your everyday routines.

I find aromatherapy oils really help with my mood, I use a diffuser and a burner to burn oils. Lavender to help me sleep, wild orange to create positivity and reduce anxiety, and another favourite is Jasmine, it provides an uplifted mood and better sense of well-being.

I also try to relax in the sun, sitting out in the garden and read a self -help book. My favourites are ones by Gretchin Rubin, Ruby Wax, Tony Robbins, and the latest by a guy called Jordan B Peterson – really enlightening, its called the “12 rules for life”

Maybe join a support group, depending on what you are struggling with-there is something positive about having the support of other people who are struggling with the same things.

Think about your positive qualities, we all have them and practice asking for and receiving help.

And lastly -Sensory engagement- making sure you use your 5 senses. One great way of calming down, maybe avoiding a panic attack or overwhelm, is to find 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can touch, 2 things you can smell and one thing you can taste. Using all five senses really helps calm down your breathing,your central nervouse system-your flight or flight response, as your mind will find it hard to focus on whatever it is you are stressing/worrying about, when you are engaging all five senses.

More next week.

Carole x

Life coach, Mindfulness Master Practitioner and self care guru

Carole Haywood-Poole