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Self Care at Work

I have talked a lot about self care over the past months. Basically it means putting yourself first, ensuring you are well balanced,professionally, emotionally, psychologically,personally, spiritually and mentally. This isn’t always easy to do.  It isn’t always easy to know the difference or understand what each area  means. It isn’t easy to know where to start, especially if you feel so out of sorts, out of balance ,depressed even.

So, over the next few blogs I am going to break it down into key areas, first I am going to explain what I mean when I say self -care at work or in a professional capacity.

It’s so important that you take a break, have lunch, have a drink and some fresh air if possible. I can hear you say, but I’m too busy, I haven’t got the time , we are short staffed etc etc.

Now accepting the situation as it is, first asking yourself can I change it? and if not, you do your best..

You wouldn’t expect your car to run on empty, you would make sure that you made the time to top up the tank. You can’t run on empty either.

Take all your holiday entitlement, even if you are not actually going away. Spend the time doing things that top up your tank, things that are nourishing to you, things that fill up your energy levels. Be that visiting family or friends ,gardening, reading, walking, golfing, watching TV , a hobby you love such as painting, drawing or physical activities such as running or swimming. You know what things make you feel good, prioritise at least a few of these things into your working life-don't wait until you retire.

If you are off work with an illness, make sure you take the time required to get better before going back.

If you are on a phased return, make sure it is a phased return and not “ I must go back because ...." we can all justify to ourselves and others why we must go back and forget the most important thing is you and your health.

Learn to say “no” to things that really aren’t your responsibility or within your remit. At least say you’ll think about it and not just saying "yes ok, I’ll do it" as an automatic response and then spending time regretting it, ruminating, procrastinating even.

Leave on time as often as you can. Make it an exception to work overtime and not a regular occurrence.

If nothing else remember this “ we spend our health gaining our wealth and then we spend our wealth to regain our health”

Working and bringing in a wage is important but not at the expense of your mental and psychical well being.

More next week.

Carole x 

Life coach and mindfulness master practitioner 

Carole Haywood-Poole