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Nourishing and Depleting Activities

We all have activities that either leave us feeling depleted or nourished, it’s never the same for two people.

It’s very important that you have some nourishing activities built into your day to provide balance. It’s so easy to let those slip when battling against all the ones that may be depleting , such as the endless home responsibilities or work deadlines, children, pets or maybe you have other responsibilities.

We spend much of our time doing stuff, stuff that we think is important at the time, and we forget that we need nourishing, in order to live a much more balanced life.

Now, here’s the thing, that nourishing activity could be something as simple as taking time out to enjoy a coffee/catch up with a friend. A walk at lunchtime or some mindful stretching. A walk to and from school maybe or what about a bath once the kids are in bed, with a nice fragrant candle and a good book.  

Even tasks such as clearing out a drawer or washing up can be nourishing, as once completed you do feel much better about it, they are called mastery activities.

It doesn’t have to be big things, such as a weekend away, a night out or an evening class, although I do manage to prioritise two activities that nourish me into my week. A dance class and yoga practise.

Depending on if you are an introvert or an extrovert, also depends on where you get most of your energy from. An introvert is quite self -sufficient in this area as they actually get their energy from within. Where in the case of extroverts, they usually get their energy from being with others.

So, you just need to be aware of which one you are and if you are spending time with people who actually drain your energy, try to limit the time spent and choose people who are more like radiators, providing warmth and in turn, nourishing your energy levels.

If you would like to know more, join in a self-care workshop, where you can identify what nourishes you and how to get more activities into your daily life.

Carole x

Life coach , specialising in self care and mindfulness.

Carole Haywood-Poole