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Let It Snow!

We may have more snow and freezing rain to come. We may not.  However, sitting here , with sunshine bathing my garden in it's glorious warmth and light,  I thought of the absurdity of the literal meaning of those words, "LET IT SNOW" (as if we were in control enough to do otherwise), and also of the sweet soft comfort of the "relax-and-enjoy-reality" meaning of those words.

The words "Let it Snow" form a crystal-clear metaphor for life: We are not in charge. What unfolds here is as much out of our conscious control as when, how much, and whether it snows.

We basically have two ways to go:

1) Feel like a victim of the people and events that are as much out of our control as the falling snow, engaging in non-stop complaints, projections, and pre-emptive reactions based on our story of how bad things will be if.... or

2) Relax and enjoy what is showing up, letting life land--soft and beautiful--exactly as it will, giving us a chance to stay in and reflect, then go frolicking through it; all the while taking the actions that feel good and make sense for ourselves depending on what reality unfolds.

Despite plans and forecasts.... a HUGE number of unforeseen, unpredictable, unscheduled things took place for me today, as they do in almost every other day. Our minds lie to us when they tell us everything is going horribly wrong, and also lie to us when they say we orchestrated a plan that went perfectly! Just start to notice....

Knowing you can’t know, and you’re not in charge is a relaxing as letting it snow.

Living a more mindful life oppose to an automatic mode of living, does help me with being able to relax and enjoy what shows up. Mindfulness for me has also meant I lead a much calmer, less stressful life. I put less pressure on myself and I do enjoy the everyday activities. I am not waiting until there is a better day or a better time either.

I live for today, with an eye on tomorrow and will just see where life takes me.

More next week Carole x

Carole Haywood-Poole