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Wild Orange is 1 year old!

Wild Orange celebrated it's first birthday at the weekend. What a year, an awesome, challenging, exhilarating, fantastic first year for Wild Orange.

Well, where to start. It’s been a huge learning experience , at the same time it's been eye opening to see the difference making changes can make. Not only in my life but to those of my clients. I have business clients wanting to start up their own business, or support with social media or blogging, personal clients that simply want to know how to start making positive changes to their life and situations to running mindfulness programmes, workshops and 1-1 sessions on self care.

To working with and volunteering at Aurora, a cancer charity, delivering classes on health and wellbeing locally and next month sees me delivering classes in Mex borough. To raising funds for Firefly, a local charity supporting those with cancer. 

The latest significant development is the success of the 8 week mindfulness programme. We are over half way through and some key changes have already been made, I can’t wait to get to the end and gain further insight into what it has meant for the five ladies who took the decision to start the course over a month ago.I will then feed that into the next 8 week programme due to start in June.

I am more motivated and enthusiastic about my own business and yet I am less stressed. It is still challenging, don’t get me wrong, but it’s about the control, about the ability to say no to things , stuff that doesn’t t fit with my values and also that don't meet my own self -care needs.

I am also part of a small group of business women who want to have their own networking group so they can show case  their own businesses, offer support , share learning and business opportunities and have lunch!. So the 17th April sees the launch of "Business Women Who Lunch "

I make decisions much easier and yes, I am sometimes selfish with my time, at the end of my journey, I will have thoroughly enjoyed how I have travelled, it’s not all about the destination.

I will have made my dash count and that’s the important bit.:)

To celebrate my first birthday, I am offering a 25% discount to new clients.

For more information on any of my services, please don't hesitate to contact me

Take care  Carole :) x

Life coach , mindfulness master practitioner and self care guru..



Carole Haywood-Poole