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Bad Habits

We all have a few bad habits, some we are more aware of and some, well, we just don’t see, until we are reminded of them. Maybe through feedback or usually when we experience it when we are on the receiving end as a result from someone else’s bad habits.

For me, it was coming across an article and reading these habits that I realised how many of them I used to have! I probably still struggle with the first one, and the second one.  I fit so much into my day, that I am often a few mins late for most things. But as it’s one of my husband’s pet hates, I have tried hard to improve in this area and try to limit my "to do list " to just 4 key things. That way I actually feel like I have achieved , instead of looking at a list with ten things on, thinking how am I going to get all that done ! 

 Anyway , I found it interesting, so I am sharing some of the article with you. Hope you find it interesting too. Maybe you will recognise a few amongst your friends and family or even see one or two of them in yourself :) 

Being late

You should realise the implications of lateness. It suggests you are not mindful of other’s time.

When you were younger, it was excusable, especially when you were dependent on other people for rides, for lunches, etc.

But as you got older, you were given the responsibility of managing your own time. If you fail in punctuality, it’s probably of your own doing. Show people that you are responsible and be on time!

Apologising for successes

You should never have to feel sorry for the great things that are happening for you.

There will always be people who are quick to judge, or will stab you in the back or saying things about you because they feel you don’t deserve it, but don’t feel compelled to apologise.

Remember, you worked hard to get to where you are, and if they aren’t as lucky to get the same opportunities, it’s not your fault.

Staying in bad relationships

I’m not just talking about romantic relationships here.  All of your relationships potentially are at risk of going wrong, are damaging or even abusive–your friends, family, professional connections.

If there are people in your life that only make it hard for you to move forward, you need to let them go.

Some people are like radiators, they give warmth, so have plenty of these type of people in your life. Then there are some people who are like drains,  who actually suck the life out of you. Stop waiting for them to change, to walk out on you, or to realize their wrongdoings. Be in charge of doing those for yourself. Be a radiator :)

This is not to say that a friend who is just having an off day is a drain, nor does it suggest that radiator's have to be on full all the time!  But you will know.

Living beyond your means

So many people are in debt because they keep living a life they can’t afford. They keep living it in terms of expectations, and not reality.

There’s no shame in living modestly. If you tailor your lifestyle well, you won’t ever feel like you’re living small.

Not saving

In line with the previous habit, while you’re living within your means, make sure you are also saving some for those rainy days.

Saving can be tough, but in every income bracket, that’s the situation.

As your income grows, so does your expense. You need to learn to work with it and figure out how to set aside some money.

Someone once told me that saving is an expense, and I didn't get it. She explained that if I waited until the end of the month and save what's left ,there wouldn't be any. She was right. So instead I set up a monthly amount, small at first, into a savings account , I called it my holiday fund. The £5.00 -£7.00 a day spent on coffee and lunch at work became £2,000 over just over one year, once I took my own lunch and cut down on the expensive coffees!

Obsessing over your love life

Yes, it’s good to have a partner, someone to share your life with and all that. But don’t make it your life’s mission to search for The One. The more desperation you exude, the more that it will elude.

Take it easy and find meaning in your life on your own. Find your value as a person without a significant other.

Find satisfaction in your career, build up your confidence, find happiness in other relationships that exist in your life.

Giving up

Everyone has their own challenges to get over, their own set of heartbreaks, their fair share of disappointments, that’s why those things don’t matter. They are there to prove you can rise above them.

Don’t let yourself be defeated by life’s constants.

Living vicariously through others

Social media is the culprit here. We are privy to other people’s curated lives and we keep scrolling down thinking that’s the kind of life we want for ourselves.

The truth is, 1) their life is probably not all they project it to be, and 2) who says you can’t have that?

Don’t be content in letting others dictate the life you want without trying to reach for that life yourself.

Never exercising

You need to push yourself to at least do some form of exercise. Or as I like to do, simply move more.

You need to learn how to take good care of yourself because without your health, you won’t be able to do any of the stuff you want to do in your life.

Don’t take your body for granted. Move while you still can.

Waiting for that ‘one day’

Today is that day. Stop putting a part of yourself or a part of your life on hold for that mythical one day when everything will fall together.

That time is now, and the person to do that is you.

You need to cherish every moment and live it the way you want. There is no use saving bucket lists, wish lists, and whatever list you may have for a day in the future that may or may not come.

Well , that certainly made me think , I can see a lot of my habits in here. Some I have managed to shed, there's still one or two I am working on, but at least I have less bad habits than a year ago! That's progress.

Carole Haywood-Poole