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Stressed !

Stressed, worried or anxious all the time? We have so many things we need to take care of these days: bills, laundry, housework, the kids, our spouse, our future, our career…

You really could turn stressing into a full-time job! And sadly, some people do. We feel a lot of pressure in society to have everything under control. We want to keep up appearances so others think our kids are doing great, we’re making lots of money, we’re going places in life, and we have a perfect balance.

It can feel impossible, and it probably is.

You don’t have to stress over everything in life, even when you have things to take care of. Here’s a list of things you can stop stressing over right now!


Do you stress over what’s in fashion and if you look good? Stick to what suits you, oppose to trying to keep up with the latest fashion.

Are you trying to impress friends and colleagues? If you think about the people you admire for being well dressed, it’s usually due to their unique style, not how up-to-date they are on trends.

 What Other People Think About You

Sure, reputation is important, but the word “reputation” means what people think of you based on your actions. You can have a good reputation as the fastest computer programmer at work. Do you see how that’s something you have control over?

There’s so much peer pressure that we stress over sticking out or doing anything that can open the door for others to make fun of us. We have an instinct to avoid embarrassing ourselves. But even if you do everything perfectly, some people prey on others to make themselves feel better. Most don’t realise they’re doing it.

Sadly, some people enjoy the feeling of having control over others, so they look for people who are really bothered by bullying or mean comments. If you can learn to shrug and walk away, it takes away their power.

And sometimes it’s more in our head that others are judging us. We’re so stressed and worried about it, but other people have their own life to live. They might not be thinking about you at all!

So, do your best and live a life that makes you happy, and stop stressing about if others think you’re good enough.

What Other People Do

So people might get upset about something you say or do…but are you being true to yourself and doing the right thing? You can’t control how other people feel or react. You shouldn’t let that kind of stress control what you do. Do your best and then don’t stress. Sometimes you’ll have to deal with the fallout, but that is still better than living in fear of upsetting others.

Another way to worry about what others do is when we’re trying to help someone. You can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. You can give someone information and even offer to help them, but they are responsible for what they do. It’s great to help others, but don’t worry about it so much that it affects your health.

More next time ,so try to relax and stress less, bye for now :)

Photo by katrinaelena/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by katrinaelena/iStock / Getty Images

Carole Haywood-Poole