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Set your Intention, Conscious Prioritisation and Follow Your Dreams

As I go off on my travels, around New Zealand,  I've been looking back and reflecting on how last year has been different.

Back in January of 2018, I made a very deliberate choice to approach the year in a new way.  It was so useful for me and worked so well, that I'm repeating the same approach for 2019.

 I want to share it with you today, in case it helps you too!

 So I had certain things I wanted to achieve. I was highly focused on two things -  My business AND being truly happy.

 After a year of self -care, meditation and teaching mindfulness classes , I made 3 radical decisions about how my year would go, with strong intention.

 These 3 things were so meaningful and important to me that I ended up sticking to it for the entire year. I had them written down in my diary, and on a piece of paper on my desk, so I saw the reminders every day. Anytime I had to make a decision during the year, I checked it against those 3 things, to be sure I was staying true to myself .

 Here's what I decided in January 2018 that worked so well...

The first thing was that I would do only what resonated with me (meaning I had to really FEEL good energy and positive about something before I would consciously commit to doing it). If it didn't fit this category it was out.

Side note - this extended naturally to only doing things with people who resonate (nothing based on expectations, shoulds, obligations and so forth). So I listened to my gut anytime I had to make a decision.

 The second thing was to endeavour to be in a state of ease, grace and flow while I engaged in whatever activities I was choosing. Meaning no stress, no forcing, not rushing, no negative vibes.

If that energy came up inside of me at any time, I stopped and stood back. I checked again if I was doing what resonated, with people that resonated, and if yes, I reminded myself that the ONLY way I wanted to live was with ease, grace and flow.

The last thing was knowing we can't do everything, and trying to do too much ends up creating diluted results and stress, I decided to set a few mission-critical goals for my year and I was determined to not take on anything else, in order that I could stay focused and achieve my intention.

The most important thing here was not that I only had a few key goals. No. The game changer was ... NOT TAKING ON ANYTHING ELSE. This involved having to say no to some really "good" things that came up throughout the year, in order to ensure I kept enough room for the "great" things that I had decided to focus on.

Final thoughts

Looking back... these 3 choices made all the difference.

My year did go the way I wanted, and I achieved all the goals I set.  That doesn't mean there weren't challenges and curve-balls, because there were! Life was by no means plain sailing. There was unexpected things, loss, change and more.

 But overall, I can look back and say that the use of INTENTION in January of 2018 along with conscious decision making throughout the year, led me down a great path. I fully intend to rinse and repeat this model for 2019 as I absolutely LOVED it. I felt so free, true to myself.

Bon Voyage , be back soon

Carole x

Life Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner and Self Care Coach

Carole Haywood-Poole