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Happy New Year and eat yourself healthy !

If you want to have a heathy and fulfilling life, eat like you give a damn about yourself.

Now you might have this thing pop up in your mind - I do eat, and I eat what I feel like eating!

But, my question is -Do you realise the impact of the things that you eat have on your life and well-being?

Some of the best habits to improve your eating habits are as follows: There are 7, but pick just 3 and see how you get on.

1. Eat food. But not too much.

Most of us are either eating too much or too little.

That’s the harsh fact. I was the one from the first category. My hunger drives ended with me overeating often, resulting in unproductive hours, filled with a slump and laziness after every meal.

Running short on time, not paying heed to what’s on the table for breakfast, eating processed or fast food for lunch.

With a small conscious effort to eat what’s right for our body, we can bring a lot of positivity and productivity!

So, before you go for the lunch today ask yourself this question - Are you eating the right amount of food?

2. Fuel the body right

What’s the right fuel for your body depends entirely upon what sort of lifestyle you have. The nutrient requirements of a person involved in hard physical labour throughout the day are going to be completely different from someone who has a sitting job. You need to eat the foodstuff according to what your body requires, not what your taste buds yearn for.

It is a good idea to sit with a nutritionist who can figure out your body’s nutrient requirements based upon its metabolism and lifestyle habits. Based on all these factors the nutritionist can prepare the amount of fuel your body needs daily and you can fill the tank accordingly!

3. Plan breakfast, lunch and dinner

Eat your breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Plan your meals accordingly. For instance, fruits contain the right blend of fibre and complex sugars which break down easily and fuel your body. Therefore, making them part of your daily breakfast can be the best way to begin each day on a high!

Similarly adding multi grain and whole grains to your lunch, means that you are consuming the complex form of carbohydrates which take a longer time to digest. Keeping you fuller for longer.

Eat a smaller dinner, that way you get a better night’s sleep!

4.Graze throughout the day

Ask any health expert, and you will get to know the importance of having small, frequent meals are far better than eating heavy meals thrice a day. Yes, breakfast, lunch and dinner are the most important meals of the day, but you don’t have to rely on just these three to supplement the body’s nutritional requirements.

Divide your daily calorie intake into three major meals and many small meals. Eating small frequent meals ensures that the body is getting a continuous supply of glucose. Relying upon just three meals to supplement body’s glucose requirements leave scope of the depletion of body’s energy reservoirs and hence the feeling of laziness and tiredness seeps in.

5. Make sure you don’t dry up

There are so many benefits of drinking adequate amount of fluid, especially water, that you simply cannot ignore it. From keeping your excretory system in the best of health to rejuvenating the skin and keeping your brain active - water is important for all this and lot more.

Therefore, pay due importance to the amount of fluids you consume during the entire day. There is no strict demarcation as to how much water one should drink. The most basic rule, however, that we all can follow is the 8 X 8 rule i.e. consume at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily to keep your body’s cells hydrated and healthy.

6. Stay away from processed food

One of the toughest eating habits to incorporate (at least it was for me) in your daily routine would be this one. We have become so acclimatized to consume processed food that eating fresh, organic and raw food seems like a luxury. But we all forget that by consuming processed food we are doing more harm than good to our body.

The colorants, preservatives and texturants that are added in processed foods are not only bad for body’s energy balance, but also lead to overconsumption. Even after a heavy meal containing these processed foods, the energy gets drained off quickly. And, you are left with the feeling of fatigue and laziness.

7.Eat to live or live to eat

Coming to the end of this post, I’d like to ask you one simple question - do you eat to live or live to eat? If you are part of the first creed, it should be fairly easy for you to bring changes in your eating habits to become more active and more productive. But if you are from the latter one, then the journey is pretty tough!

I have adopted many of these habits and I feel happier as well as healthier! I now lead a more fulfilled and productive life. :)

What changes are you planning on this year?

Contact me if you need some help and support -Carole x

Carole Haywood-Poole