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Depression-Part two

Hello, more on the hints and tips to help combat depression. Last week I talked about the first 3 things to do. I have another two , although these are a little harder to do but have great results.

Recognise and Change Negative Thoughts.

Think about your thoughts throughout the day…

Do you have an inner voice that constantly puts you down? Are you ripping yourself apart? And are you rehashing conversations, angry at something someone said?

Do you spend lots of time thinking about how you’re a failure?

Or do you direct your hurt and anger at others, thinking about how they have wronged you and will wrong you again?

Or are you focusing on situations and things because you’re worried and scared?

These negative thoughts feel good in a way because they get you feeling something. But they create a never-ending cycle of anger, hurt, bitterness, and more depression.

The first step in making this better is to recognize it. Try to catch yourself thinking negative thoughts. You might be surprised at how often you do it. At first, just mentally point at that thought. “Hey, that’s a negative thought.”

Next try to send those thoughts away, like brushing away clouds. Or, tell yourself, “That’s not true.”

Start replacing those negative thoughts with something positive. This is huge—you can change your thinking, your brain, and how you feel by changing what you tell yourself. Start with one simple phrase like, “I like myself.”

An important point: you do not have to believe the positive affirmations. You probably won’t at first. But you will. You’ve been filling your brain with negative things that weren’t true, but you made them true. Now you’ll fill your brain with positivity and repeat it until you believe it, and that makes it true.

So, when that inner voice pops up and puts you down, interrupt your thought and instead think or say, “That’s not true. I like myself.”

Even when you’re not thinking negative things, repeat “I like myself” in your head anyway. Tell yourself good things about yourself as much as you can.

If the things on your mind are out of your control, can you let them go? Tell yourself:

I’m done thinking (worrying) about that

I don’t want to waste time on that anymore

I have better things to do and think about

I’ve done all I can on that for now, so I’m going to focus on something else right now

Replace your negative thoughts for a few days, even if you feel sceptical about this, and then see how you feel.

Make a Life Change

If you take the last tip to heart and make your thinking more positive, you’re already on your way to a huge life change. Here, I could have listed “meditate” and “be grateful” as two tips to battle depression. Instead, I’m suggesting that you make a shift in your life.

Look at your life and consider if you can build in more self-care. Make 5 or 10 minutes to meditate in the morning, clearing your mind, thinking positive thoughts, and finding things to be grateful for.

It’s proven to change your life if you start making a gratitude list every day. Think of big things that you’re thankful for, like your mum or friend Lisa, your dog, your new car…but also think of little things and new things to be thankful for, such as a sunny day, the flowers starting to bloom, a new bag you really love, and how they fixed the potholes on your street.

Give thanks for every and anything you can. It lifts your spirits and trains your mind to see good things.

Just as depression can become a way of life, so can choosing positivity and gratitude. Try it and see if you feel a change.

Good luck-that’s all for this week Carole

Carole Haywood-Poole