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Struggling to sleep continued

I talked last week about adopting 3 healthy habits for helping you get to sleep.

This week I want to add 7 mindful attitudes you can adopt, they also help you to fall asleep .

1.Trust-Trust that your mind and body can self-regulate and self-correct for sleep loss. Knowing that short consolidated sleep often feels more satisfying than longer fragmented sleep, can help you develop trust in your sleep system

2.Non- judging- it is easy to automatically judge the state of being awake as negative and aversive especially if you do not sleep well for several nights. However, this negative energy can interfere with the process of sleep. Ones relationship to sleep can be a fruitful subject of meditation

3.Letting go-attachments to your ideal sleep needs usually leads to worry about sleeplessness. This is counterproductive and inconsistent with the natural process of letting go of the day to allow sleep to come.

4.Beginners mind – remember that each night is a new night. Be open and try something different. What you have been doing to this point is probably not working well.

5.Non- striving-sleep is a process that cannot be forced. Putting more effort into sleeping longer or better is counterproductive.

6. Acceptance- recognizing and accepting your current state is an important first step in choosing how to respond. If you can accept that sleep is not likely to come soon, why not get out of bed? Spending long periods of time awake in bed might condition you to being awake in bed.

7. Be patient!  It’s unlikely that both the quality and the quantity of your sleep will be optimal right away.

Sweet Dreams

Carole x 

Carole Haywood-Poole