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8 Causes Of Unhappiness and How to Combat Them


One of the biggest causes of unhappiness, in my opinion. Comparison leads to so many negative feelings that make happiness seem almost impossible. When stuck in comparison, bring yourself back and remember that we are all here to shine our own unique light, there is no other you in this world, so dwell on that instead.


Living in the past brings regret. Wondering about the things we could have done differently and how that would have changed our current state. Regret is a drain for happiness. Remember to come back to the now, and trust that what happened in the past brought you to where you are today. Forgive and release what brings you suffering and find joy on the other side.


Future tripping brings uncertainty and anxiety. There is no way to know how our lives are going to play out, and the unknown can make us feel very uncomfortable. When in this state, it is so important, to come back to the present moment, and rely on faith and trust that your life will unfold exactly as it’s meant to. We have no control anyway, right?

Inability to accept what is.

Are you always feeling like the grass is always greener on the other side? When we lose the ability to accept our lives as they are in the present moment, we also lose the ability to find true happiness. Even if in the present moment your life isn’t exactly how you’d imagined it to be, find acceptance so that you can become clear on how to achieve your desires in a positive way.


When you judge others, you are judging a part of yourself. What is happy about that? Judgement feels like an innate reaction, but it really brings more unhappiness than it’s worth. Make a commitment to practice non-judgement, seek out love and compassion instead.


A huge block to happiness is feelings of unworthiness and lack of self-confidence. Rather than focusing on what you feel you’re lacking in or less than, why not focus on your strengths? Don’t dwell in the lower vibe energy of insecurity; rise above to confidence and personal abundance. Make a list of all your strengths, and post it where you can see it daily.


It’s certainly safe to say that we live in a very fearful world. We see stories on a daily basis that make us feel powerless, scared, and unhappy. Fear serves a purpose in dangerous situations, but the ego mind loves to bring fear into every moment. Whenever you find yourself heading into a fearful place, return back to trust, awareness, and love.


Being attached to anything—whether to material items, outcomes of situations, or even people blocks happiness. Essentially, the attachment sends out the energy that you are not complete in your own right. When we are attached, we also encompass so many of the other blocks above because we feel we need whatever we are attached to in order to survive. Learn the distinction between attachment and connection. Be connected to people, places, and things, and let go of the desire to attach to them.

What do you feel is blocking you from being truly happy in this moment?

 Carole x

Mindfulness Master Practitioner & Self Care Coach

Carole Haywood-Poole