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My journey into coaching

Early in 2016 I decided to change the way I looked at life, at very quickly life changed in so many ways for the better. This was before I became a coach, before I had any experience of ‘how the mind can work’, before I knew of the unlimited power of the mind. In this simple change in attitude, I changed the way I spoke to myself in my head. I improved the types of thoughts I thought and encouraged better internal dialogue about people, situations and for myself, all within the space of my mind. 

What happened quickly was that life became a positive mystery of possibility. Each day was like an adventure to seek out the good, to embrace the positive and like a magnet it simply attracted more of ‘what’s good’ more of ‘what’s positive’- there was so much to gain. 

How this improved my life was simple. It all began with me. The thoughts I thought, the beliefs I had, how I spoke to myself, how I treated others, how I approached each experience - I took control. Even in the challenges, and there have been many challenges, I chose how I was going to think through each situation. 

It’s not simple and it takes time, however it can be one single thought that changes the lane that you move in, the path that you journey down and suddenly you can accelerate away from all that doesn’t serve you. 

Let me tell you this. You are more powerful than you think. You have all of the resources available within yourself to improve your life for the better. Simply believe it. Take action and try every day. I still think to myself that I am going to make the rest of my life the best of my life. Trust me after 3 happy years of learning and growing, anything is possible if you work on your mind. ️

Carole Haywood-Poole