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Find Balance in Life

One of the things I love about the culture of the word today is the strong belief that we can have it all. Abundance and opportunity are trending, possibilities are endless and our capability to do it all seems higher than ever. Sometimes, we get so encouraged, so motivated and so inspired that we just put the foot to the pedal!

We get on a high of success, productivity and ticking all the boxes and then we crash, we feel depleted. We become exhausted and then we judge ourselves for not being able to be “enough”. Have you ever felt this way? I know I have!

We are living in a burnout culture. Expectations, desires and pressures are high, while balance and boundaries tend to take a back seat. As we know, this leads to a multitude of side effects like depression, anxiety, exhaustion, stress and even illness.

Think about it, would you always drive your car at full speed? Your petrol tank would be empty in no time. Humans are the same. We are wearing ourselves out trying to be everything to everyone, when all we really should be is our true selves and show up for what really matters. If there’s one narrative I’d love to shift it’s this one, taking care of yourself is equally important as taking care of your external responsibilities and so this week I am sharing my tips for battling burnout and getting some balance back in your life.

The first thing is to carve our moments for yourself every day. Even if it’s only five minutes first thing in a morning to close your eyes and meditate, or going to a yoga class or journaling while you are on the train to work. The time is there for you, find it, set it aside and honour it. It’s time to put yourself back on the list of priorities.

The second thing is to make a list of your goals, desires, wishes and dreams. Get centered and clear on what your soul truly desires and start honing in on the actions you can take to make them reality, so often we get burned out because we have misdirected energy. We don’t really know what we want and so we do it all until we figure it out, get clear and confident to conserve that precious energy

Thirdly, allow yourself to say “no” as much as we would like to say that we can do it all, the truth is, we can’t. We can’t be everywhere all the time, fulfilling everyone else’s expectations and demands, know that you can say “no” to the things that don’t light you up or aren’t aligned with your vision and start practicing it!

Then “unplug” for peace of mind, we are in a time where we are expected to be constantly connected to everything refreshing email, checking out our social media sites, our brains are never given a break. We are stimulating our brain’s by feeding external information without ever giving it the space it needs to just be. Set boundaries with yourself in how much time you’ll spend connected and take some time to unplug.

Then make rest a priority. Have you ever noticed how poorly functioning we all are when we don’t get adequate sleep? Our bodies, minds and souls need rest, every single day. Remember that sleep is part of the equation to creating your best life.

I hope this helps you stay balance on a day to day basis. Your energy is a precious resource.

Plan to find balance this week!

Carole Haywood-Poole