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Self Care-Follow up Workshop

The self -care workshops have proved very popular, so I am offering an opportunity to attend a follow up next weekend.

At the initial workshop, we took the self-care wheel and it's six primary areas of Professional, Personal, Emotional, Spiritual, Psychological and Physical and explored the detail within each of them. We soon identified those areas that are out of balance.

In this follow up workshop, we aim to review how you are doing against your self- care plan. What’s worked, what hasn’t and where the additional focus,help and support is required.

I will recap the key areas using the self- care wheel In 2014, it was actually rated the number 1 tool for self-care for professionals in the counselling, coaching and  caring sector. But it works extremely well for busy mums, working women and people suffering from or recovering from a trauma or illness.

The focus is on managing the different elements each of us have in our busy lives, whilst taking care of ourselves.

Everyone is different and the benefit of being in a workshop is you can share views and discuss ideas on what works for each other. Gain hints and tips and have a positive plan to take you forward.

The date again is Saturday 9th December  2.00pm to 4.30 make it a date and secure your place today!  At just £15.00 each email carole@wild-orange.co.uk

The workshops will initially only be able to take 5 people at a time 😊

That's all for this week 

Carole Haywood-Poole